Kill A Watt! What??

You can do something practical to go GREEN and save money too!!

Often we are not sure how much electrical energy an appliance uses. In
addition, we often plug in a device and notice it has some lights blinking
even when the switch is “OFF”! Science has now given us a machine that
will tell how much energy any device uses-we just plug it into the monitor,
plug the monitor into an ordinary wall socket and wait for an hour or two
and we can then calculate the energy and the cost for using that device.

Our team likes GREEN. We have purchased a “Kill-A-Watt” electricity usage
monitor and we will loan it to you for 48 hours so you can check many or all
of your electrical appliances. The monitor has a large LCD display that
will tell you how much energy each appliance uses. We will also give you an
Electrical Equipment Inventory Schedule for you to record the watts used by
your devices.

Save Money, Save the environment by knowing exactly how much each appliance

Give us a call at 316-772-6605 to schedule our “Kill-A-Watt” monitor for use in your home.
This is free service of The Franz Team.

To see how this works, follow this link:

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