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Thursday, September 4th, 2008

To own a home is still the “American Dream”! It is a little harder to do now, but we have been helping people achieve this dream and in many cases with 100% financing! Most loan companies will say 100% doesn’t exist any more—but we have some loan contacts that still make it possible in numerous geographical locations. If you are renting you have another really important reason to consider home ownership.

IT’S CHEAPER TO OWN!!! If you put the same amount in home ownership that you put into a monthly rental you can generally get more square footage, better locations, more yard space, quieter surroundings, AND a start on building your credit and personal net worth! With 100% financing you can get into your own home with LESS down payment than would be required in a “first months rent and security deposit” that you would pay for an apartment. The long term benefits can also be very impressive. Take this example: Rent $900 per month for a small apartment. (2 bedrooms)

In 10 years you will have paid$108,000.00 to a landlord No equity buildup No tax deduction $0 increase in your net worth.

Own a home at $700 per month for principle and interest on a 1100 Sq. Ft. home (3 bedrooms) On the average over ten years you will receive a reduction in your taxes of $100 per month. Net house payment cost is $600.00 per month

Taxes and insurance will be approximately $200 per month

Maintenance cost of $75 per month. Total of the above expenses: $875.00 per month—LESS THAN RENT! In 10 years your value in your homecould be as high as $46,000 if you include both the savings in income taxes, equity buildup and appreciation !


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Rental Information

Thursday, August 28th, 2008


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