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2012-2013 Faculty and Staff

Our teachers come from all over the United States to serve here at HMS. Because of this, the school provides housing for the teachers on campus. Having such a close-knit community allows the staff to support and encourage one another as they serve in a place far from home.

HMS is now taking applications for the 2013-2014 School Year. Apply now!

thane mary michelle david dorothy

Thane Epefanio, Principal

Mary Sosolda, Secretary

Michelle Epefanio, Lead Teacher

David Mueller, 7th Grade Homeroom & Math & P.E. Teacher; Cross Country Coach

Dorothy Voth, 6th Grade Homeroom & Reading & P.E. Teacher

yoder wyse heidi zimmerly schrag
Rebecca Yoder, 5th Grade Homeroom & Writing Teacher; Cross Country Coach Stephanie Wyse, 4th Grade Homeroom & Science & Social Studies Teacher; Newspaper & Website Supervisor

Heidi Weibe, 3rd Grade & Art Teacher, Basketball Coach

Joilyn Zimmerly, 2nd Grade Teacher; Basketball Coach Kristen Schrag, 1st Grade & 4-7 Art Teacher; Athletic Director, Christmas and Easter Program Director
beachy effie dashee honhanie tenorio
Brocia Beachy, Kindergarten Teacher Effie , Resource Teacher Wave Dashee, Instructional Aid; Librarian Madeline Honhanie, Instructional Aid Harriet Tenorio, Instructional Aid
lowe tootsie kaitlin caleb
Cassandra Lowe, Instructional Aid Jolene Tootsie, Instructional Aid Katelyn Robbins, Resource Teacher Jerard Leverson, Bus Driver Caleb Waidliech, Maintainance/Mechanic
dianne cook nina    

Dianne Polacca, Custodian

, School Lunch Program Nina Dewahe, Box Tops    

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