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APPLY NOW FOR A POSITION AT HOPI MISSION SCHOOL for the 2013-2014 school year!!

Volunteering is FUN and REWARDING!

Throughout the years, Hopi Mission School has been blessed by the talents and hard work of many volunteers. Our campus facilities have been built and maintained almost entirely by volunteer crews and donations.

We appreciate volunteers who come with servant hearts and willing hands to ensure the sucess of our mission. Volunteers come in many forms. Students benefit from groups and individuals who share stories, songs, or demonstrations during chapel. Teachers can always use a cheerful classroom helper. Maintainance can use carpentry, landscaping, painting, and mechanic skills to improve or repair buildings, vehicles, and campus grounds. Bring your skills, and we will put them to use to further God's kingdom here on Hopi!

Plan your Visit

If you are interested in volunteering, please follow the steps below! We look forward to seeing you!

1. Call the school to schedule your visit 30 days in advance, if possible.

2. Fill out a volunteer application form.

3. Inform the school of the number of volunteers, the age of the volunteers, and skills/talents you will be bringing so we can plan accordingly.


Additional Information

*As long as you or your group is volunteering, you are welcome to stay in the volunteer center free of charge. We just ask that you clean the kitchen, sweep the floor, and put your dirty linen in the laundry basket at the completion of your stay.

*The Volunteer Center is fully furnished with kitchenware and bed linens. You will need to bring food with you if you plan to cook. There is also a restaurant at the Cultural Center a few miles from campus and a To-Go tent, the Spider Grill across the street from the Cultural Center.

*If school is in session, volunteers are welcome to eat breakfast and/or lunch at the school for a fee of $4 per person. Please let the school know the night before if you plan to eat breakfast and before 8am the morning(s) you plan to eat lunch so the cook knows how much food to prepare.

*Hopi Mission School is located in the high desert of Arizona. Temperatures range from 0 to 100 degrees throughout the year, depending on the season. Make sure to pack sunscreen in the summer and a coat in winter! Thorns are also mixed in with the sand,, so closed-toed shoes are recommended for any out-door activities.




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